SC-R30 ( 2.4GHz MCE Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad ) LX-T9 (4 Way Scroll Lase / Optical Mouse) SC-R3T ( Wireless MCE Trackball Keyboard ) Libra-S10 (Wireless Presenter with Finger Sensor ) SC-R26 ( Slim Multimedia Keyboard ) Phenix-Q8 (VGA Webcam W/O-mni-Directional MIC )
Wireless MCE Keyboard with Touchpad > Scorpius-R30
System Requirements
IBM or Compatible PC System
Win Me/2000/XP/Vista/7
Package Contents


User's Manual
Nano Receiver

Two-way 2.4GHz RF technology

Wireless operational range can reach up to 10 meters in open space

10 Hotkeys (10 compound MCE Hot keys)

Built in Touchpad and mouse function


Scissors type architecture and slim key cap design

Up to 10-meter operation range


Low power consumption with smart power saving function


Ione Technology Inc.